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Introduction to This Blog (Sticky)

This LJ is primarily a blog for me to let readers know when I add updates to my Greek travel website:

Take a magical journey to ancient Greece: photos, Greek art, Greek gods and goddesses, myths, archaeology, and much more!

It includes my photos, diary entries, and musings on ancient Greek art and archaeology, sites and monuments, mythology, gods and goddesses, and history. I also include book and website recommendations.

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New Chapter - Medieval Town of Nauplion

I got completely bogged down on Nauplion, Greece, for a funny reason: it's not ancient Greek, so I don't have as much to say about it! Nevertheless, it's a wonderful and picturesque city, and I took a lot of great photos there. So let me just share those with you with minimal commentary, and let you explore the city along with me!

Palace of Tiryns

(My Journey to Nauplion (Nafplio), Greece)

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Greek Mythology Trivia on Facebook!

I've created a Facebook Fan Page connected to my Mythology Trivia Quizzes.

Every day or so, I update my status with a bit of mythology trivia, and/or a link to a great Greek mythology resource or piece of art. Not too many status updates so I don't spam my followers. But you might want to Like this so you can get a bit of Greek mythology on your wall a few times a week!

Here's the latest:

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My Greek Mythology Trivia Quizzes have gotten a major overhaul. These are trivia quizzes covering Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, monsters and hubris, and a few other topics.

I realized that not everyone has a classics MA under their belt, so the questions were too tough! Therefore, I've revamped them in a few ways:
  • I've made several mythology trivia quiz questions easier
  • I've made some of the wrong (or right!) answers funnier
  • I've added "mini-myths" following each quiz which explain the answers and illustrate them through ancient Greek art

For example, here's the new:

Goddess Athena Trivia Quiz

Or, for a warm-up:

Easy Greek Mythology Trivia Quiz

I'm still trying to strike a balance between mythology questions to help students study versus mythology trivia that's more suited to anyone who thinks Greek mythology is cool. I'll be continuing to tweak and add new material to them...stay tuned.

Easy Myth Trivia QuizEasy Myth Trivia Quiz

Monsters of Greek Mythology Trivia QuizMonsters Trivia Quiz

Athena Myth Trivia QuizAthena Myth Quiz

Apollo Myth Trivia QuizApollo
Trivia Quiz

Gods of Olympus Trivia QuizGods of Olympus

Greek Heroes Trivia QuizGreek Heroes Quiz

Greek Women Trivia QuizGreek Heroines

Hubris in Greek Mythology Trivia QuizMyths of Hubris Quiz

Mythic Patterns in Movies Trivia QuizMyths Go to Hollywood!

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Polykleitos' Diadoumenos

So who is this guy in my avatar, anyway? It's Polykleitos' Diadoumenos, a statue by one of the most influential sculptors in antiquity. Click the link to learn all about this beautiful statue and its legacy!

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NEW! Greek mythology quizzes!

I've gone a little crazy. There's a new feature on Squidoo that lets us create ten-question quizzes. Of course, I had to create some Greek mythology quizzes. Fresh off the press:

Easy Greek Mythology Quiz
Greek Mythology Trivia Quiz: The Gods of Olympus
Greek Mythology Quiz: Athena
Greek Mythology Quiz: Apollo
Greek Mythology Quiz: Monsters
Greek Mythology Quiz: Heroes

Try those! I'll be adding more as the mood strikes me.

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Travel Diary: Sanctuary of Epidaurus

I've been looking forward to making this page. The Sanctuary at Epidaurus not only has a gorgeous and well-preserved Greek theater, it is a beautiful place, a fitting sanctuary for the kind and healing god Asklepios.

Alas, I spent so much time drinking in the atmosphere that I don't have as many photos as I'd like. Nonetheless, I think I've done the place justice:

(The Sanctuary of Epidaurus)

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New Chapter -- The Palace of Tiryns

Yep, on a roll again. Here is my visit to the Palace of Tiryns, a bronze age citadel built around the time of the Trojan War. Includes photos, a little bit of archaeology, recommended links and more.

Palace of Tiryns

(The Palace of Tiryns)

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I'm Back! Travel Diary, Palace of Mycenae

5th May 2005
After a long hiatus, I've started uploading my Greece Travel Diary again!

The latest stop on the tour is the Palace of Mycenae, home of Agamemnon, the king who led the expedition of Greeks (or pre-Greeks) against the Trojans in the legendary Trojan war.

(Link to Diary and Photos of Mycenae)

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Travel Diary: Mycenae Museum

Mycenaean terracotta snakes6th May 2005

The Mycenae Museum displays artifacts found in more recent excavations of the citadel and its surroundings: pottery, stone weights once used to anchor the warp-threads of a hanging loom, stylize clay figures of farmers ploughing behind oxen, female figurines (goddesses, worshippers or dolls?) and unusual terracotta snakes. Both snakes and figurines were found in a small cluster of religious buildings within the citadel of Mycenae.

 What did these serpents mean?
(Read on...)

Also in this section:
Mycenae  Museum Photo Gallery

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A Few Other Greece-Related Lenses

Homebuying has been quite an odyssey, and will keep me busy a little longer. Right now I'm flushing out the Augean Stables!

In the meantime, let me point you to my other Greece-related lenses, each focusing on one topic:

The Trireme Olympias: Reconstruction of an Ancient Greek Warship

Aeschylus: Father of Greek Tragedy

Sappho: Biography and Original Translations

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